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        Service Commitment
        Pipe production
        Pipe production
        Production of EGR tube

          In order to create the brand, improve the enterprise popularity, set up the enterprise image, we in line with "adhere to the quality, only do high-quality goods" spirit, "preferential price, thoughtful service, reliable product quality" principle to you solemnly promise:

        一、Product quality commitment:

          1、The products are manufactured and tested with quality records and test data.

          2、Products are labeled with traceability. We monitor the whole process of product manufacturing, and then pack and ship the products after they are confirmed qualified.

        二、Price commitment:

          1、To ensure the high reliability and advanced nature of the products, the materials are selected in high-quality.

          2、Under the same competition conditions, we will sincerely offer you a preferential price on the basis of not reducing the technical performance of the products or changing the parts of the products.

        三、Lead time commitment:

          1、lead time: As far as possible according to the user's requirements, if there are special requirements, need to complete ahead of time, our company can organize special production, installation, and strive to meet the user's needs.

          2、When delivery, we offer you the following documents;

         ?、?nbsp; Quality report.

         ?、?nbsp; Packing list.

         ?、?nbsp; Any other information as per customer need.

        四、After sales service commitment:

          1、Service aim: Quick, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough.

          2、Service goal: to win customer satisfaction with service quality.

          3、Service efficiency: if there is any problem with the product, we will reply within 24 hours after receiving the notice.