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        How to distinguish PPR pipes
        Upload Time:2021-01-07
        Color, good PP-R water pipe color is soft and uniform, no noise. (PP-R pipes are mainly white, gray, purple, green, yellow and blue. Consumers often think that white is the best. In fact, the color is not the standard to judge the quality. In fact, the quality of PP-R pipes has nothing to do with the color of PP-R pipes. Plastic particles are mainly white and transparent (and some have added other colors of good color masterbatch). As long as any color can be added, the color masterbatch will not be decomposed and the quality of PP-R will not be changed. Therefore, as far as water pipes are concerned, it doesn't matter what color. According to the national regulations, PP-R water pipes should have good light sealing performance. In this regard, gray or other opaque properties will be better. But the advantage of all buried pipes is that the color of buried pipes does not exist. PP-R tube is completely opaque, pseudo PP-R tube is slightly or semi transparent. Generally, white products can only be produced with pure PP-R raw materials, such as recycled materials, waste materials and corner materials. The color of products produced with recycled materials, waste materials and corner materials is neither soft nor uniform, while the color of other color products processed with color masterbatch will not be affected by adding recycled materials, waste materials and corner materials. This is why many manufacturers which focus on the quality of home decoration retail products are mainly white; the internal and external surfaces of products should be smooth and flat, and no bubbles, obvious depressions, grooves and impurities are allowed.