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        Cultural Idea
        Our Outlook——Corporate vision-To be the best auto parts supplier in the world.

        The pursuit of perfection, dare to be the first.As a raw material supplier of auto parts, we constantly pursue to reduce automobile exhaust emissions, look to the future, and strive to achieve international goals.

        Our Spirits——Company spirit-Adhere to the quality, only do high-quality goods.

        The vision of pursuing international level has created the company's style of adhering to quality, molded the company's image of consistent words and deeds and paying attention to details, and demonstrated the company's social image of both product and service, economic operation quality, personnel quality and company culture, and the pursuit of quality.

        Our Values——Corporate values--International standards come from all-round satisfaction.

        The seamless operation of all links in the entire value chain, including suppliers and internal and external customers, paves the way for the company to be successful.Win-win cooperation, harmony and prosperity, and all-round satisfaction of customers, suppliers, employees, investors and the society provide the company with unremitting power and guarantee for the realization of its vision.

        Social Responsibility—— Social responsibility-Cherish life and focus on health;To prevent pollution and save resources;Compliance with regulations and continuous improvement.